Michelle Pellecer



I want to thank you personally for taking time to visit my site. I’m excited to share my work with you and showcase my passion for makeup—how it is an art and how it is the crucial element to photography.

Contrary to naysayers, makeup doesn’t cover up who you are or hide your imperfections; it is an art that human civilization has created to accentuate and convey the inner beauty we all have inside.

Makeup professionals who approach their job with a “one brush fits all” attitude are offensive to me. In my view, each client’s face is an individual, unique canvas. Special consideration is taken on my part with regards to your complexion, features and bone structure—all of which is God-given and truly makes you “you”.

But I don’t stop there! You and I will take time to consult on your personality, the event we’re preparing you for and what about you that we want to specifically accentuate. Preparing for a creative photo shoot? I’ll give you bold colors for a daring and exciting look. When preparing for a wedding or commitment ceremony to your special loved one, we will work as a team to artfully develop your appearance with subtle hues for an overall refined appearance.

My skill set is vast, my clientele are diverse, and my passion for this art shows.

You’re beautiful—you know it and I know it. Now let’s work together and let the world know it!

Your Partner in Beauty,


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